10 Ways To Break Into The Pet Writing Market

You’ve just become the proud owner of a new dog, cat, ferret or lizard and now you want to tell the world about it! Where can you go to spread the word? What do you even want to write about? One thing to keep in mind is that even though you know your pet is the most adorable, smartest pet to ever walk the earth, if you’re looking to break into a magazine or newspaper market, the readers really don’t want to hear about that. Know why? Because they believe their pet is the smartest, most adorable one in the universe as well.

Here are ten topics to try when trying to break into the pet writing market:

  1. Basic animal care – dental care, grooming, etc.
  2. Pet health – how to care for a sick pet, how to tell when your pet is ill, topical weather issues (how to keep your pet safe in extreme hot/cold)
  3. Housebreaking or other training topics.
  4. Necessary pet toys and special equipment – these topics are popular for lizard, bird and horse lovers
  5. Environmental issues – think of topics on how to protect your personal environment from your pet and vice versa. Think of topics on dealing with keeping your kitty off your keyboard – why it’s wise to keep them away from one another.
  6. Traveling or other activities with your pet – offer tips for traveling with your pet and mix in ideas on where to travel and what activities you can participate in
  7. Profile a breed or species
  8. Profile a pet owner – know someone with a unique bond with his or her pet? Query a magazine
  9. Local pet events – are there any pet meet ups, cat shows or other events coming up in your area? Query months in advance with these types of article ideas
  10. Personal stories – I know I said not to write about your own adorable pet, but some magazines do have space for personal essays about pets. They are looking for remarkable pet personal stories though – ie your pet saved your family from a burning building, etc.

If you’re looking to write about the above topics such as pet health or pet training but you are not an expert in those fields, contact a local dog trainer or veterinarian to use as a source for your piece. Once you have an idea in mind, hop on the internet and do a search for pet magazines, browse the bookshelves at your local magazine stand and find a magazine you’d like to submit an article to, find out their guidelines for submission and begin the process. 


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