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Can you afford to lose customers and revenue? If you’re not sharing your business story and updating your website that is just what’s happening. How can you gain customers and bring more money into your company coffers? By telling your business story.

What is your business story?

Every business has one  and yours needs to be told. Why? If you’re not telling your business story you’re losing customers and money. I can craft your business story and share it across your social media platforms, but more importantly, on your website. If you have a website and you’re not blogging you are losing customers.

Make certain your website is working even when you’re not. To make your website work for you 24/7 you need stellar, ongoing, fresh content on your blog. What else should you be doing to have your website working for you? Capture emails of those who stop by the website. Give them a reason to stay and sign up. How? Offer a great piece of content as enticement aka a free downloadable product. I write that as well!

Share your expertise. Tell your business story. Get your blog populated with content.

How can I help? A Content Strategy Session is the first step. 

I am a professional blogger, social media consultant, copy (and ghost) writer, editor and creative thinker. I work with individuals and small business owners to define their key message and express it through various outlets, including social media platforms, website presence, blogging, newsletters and other online and print media. I’ve honed my craft over years of prolific writing efforts in both print and online forums. I sharpened my red pen as the editor of  daily newspapers, business and writer’s magazines as well as with several book publishers.

What is your business story? You have one, you just need to know how to best share it. We can make that happen. All Words Matter and none are more important than the ones that highlight your expertise and help you get found in your area of expertise.

All Words Matter and if you need help with yours, you’re in the right place! 

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